Out Of The Cave Show – Episode 000

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Out Of The Cave Show


Hi and welcome to the introductory episode of Out Of The Cave show a weekly look at men’s health. Hi, I am Peter George the host. Out Of The Cave – Show is for guys with mental health issues to have a place that they can go every week to listen to advice and interviews.

Not only from professionals, but also from sufferers of mental health, which I am one the show will be, in most cases, 15 minutes unless we have an interview with a special guest that will end up being your 45 minutes.

You can subscribe to the show@outofthecave.com.au. You can subscribe to the podcast via the Spreaker app, Apple podcast, Spotify Spreaker itself, Google podcast. So let’s get men’s mental health into the forefront of people and hope you enjoy this show when they are released every Sunday at 7:00 PM

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out of the cave

Welcome to Out Of The Cave

Hi, I’m Pete George! I suffer from depression and anxiety and wish to help other men and families that are fighting this fight. Let’s connect and WIN the battle.

Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely hard battle, believe me, I am still living it. What I have learnt is that there comes a time when some say something to you and you do break, don’t take the hard way out, make sure you talk to some. We have developed different areas to help you with as well as a list of resources if you choose to use them

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