OOTC – Show – Who Is Peter George – 001

OOTC – Show – Who Is Peter George – 001

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OOTC – Show – Who Is Peter George – 001


Peter George


Hi, and welcome to the first episode of out of the cave show, I am Peter George your host. And let’s have a bit of fun.

Hi and thanks for listening you can find out or the cave by visiting out of the cave.com also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also find this show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker and all the other shows stations.
So what is, Out Of The Cave and who is Peter George, well I am a mature guy, who suffers from anxiety and depression I’ve had a couple of attempts at suicide and in the process of that and coming through to be on the bitter side of things, I came up with the idea of out of the cave and consequently enter the cave and the show were we have one platform where I can get a group of people that have gone through the same thing as myself and help others that are in that situation where everything seems to be hard to do.

Nothing seems to be clear and you feel all alone. That’s when we want to stop that aloneness and the ability for people to talk to people that have suffered from mental health.
I do love the work that all the agencies are doing. Men’s line, Beyond Blue, Lifeline. I am a little bit uncomfortable with RUOK, but they’re all, they’re doing a good cause and a great cause.

This is just a simple fellow trying to put his stamp on mental health, especially in Australia where there are suicides, which are 75% of males age between 35 and 45.

So that’s where the cave is focusing. And the show’s going be a mix of, just may chatting, other guests, other hosts.

So it’s going to be a show that just expands and expands and the only way that I can keep the show expanding, with you, listeners and people that follow out of the cave helping me distribute it to all their friends.

So they will be a topic per show. And when we start getting the responses back in which we’ve already got a fair few, there will be interviews in shows as well. So they’ll vary between 10 and 45 minutes, and that’ll be distributed every Sunday at seven o’clock. Now chosen that time for a specific reason for all the dads out there that, um, have access to their kids or don’t have access to the kids. It seems to be that Sunday nights are the toughest four years. So this might give you something to listen to. And, uh, as the subscription base grows, uh, we’ll be doing some live shows too on a Sunday at that time. So, um, I got gotta enjoy this. Uh, it’s a bit of therapy for me as well, uh, as for you guys, um, but don’t just, uh, distribute it to a man, because to get you through this, it’s a team effort.

And in some cases, it’s your partner or close friends, and they could be male, female, or any form and description of a person. So, um, where can you find the show? I mentioned it earlier, but the actual website is out of the cave.com that there is a podcast page there, which is out of the cave.com/ podcast. You can also, um, find this on all the podcast platforms, um, and you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, YouTube. So everywhere that we can be, uh, my background other than, uh, having mental health problems and physical problems from playing AFL football and all those funny things that we do when we’re younger is, um, is a couple of things that, um, I have done over the time. I’ve worked for large corporations in sales, um, systems integration, uh, faults.

I worked for myself and that has mainly been in photography. And one of the things we will do with Out of the cave is, set up a little photography group one of the things I have found with mental health is that the photography sort of relaxed me down. It just allows me to go and reflect and use the passion that I do have. the main stuff that I do, with the photograph, is sports and, uh, travel photography. Um, and the other thing that I have found that’s helped me is, ah, that’s, I will, we’ll have a little bit of chat about that and all the different things that they’d all help you. But yeah, so as I said, my background is mainly sales and marketing and one of the things that I am committing to doing is a cert IV in mental health peer-to-peer so that I can actually sit down with you guys if you are on the gold coast, Brisbane sunshine coast and work with you to get the outcomes that you need.

So Out Of The Cave will eventually become an outcome-based website for you guys where that you can work out who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, uh, where you want to go to, um, where you all see that real doc site and think that um, it’s easier to, uh, there’s no other way to put it. Take your life. But as [inaudible], uh, there’s a lot of people that rely on you and you may not know it, you may not feel it, but there are, um, you know, work colleagues, partners, friends. Um, so there’s gotta be a few good topics coming up that might make sense to a lot of guys. And, um, there’s gotta be some issues that we touch that may frustrate you. So the beauty of what we’re doing, it’s gotta be interactive as much as it is, we can get it, ask questions, uh, give us topics to research.

The big thing with social media, which I don’t like, is that people become keyboard warriors and they’re Out Of The Cave is here to help. We all have our thoughts and opinions. You openly, we’ll take constructive criticism, you get abusive and, um, I won’t appreciate it and all the other participants. so roughly that’s what it’s all about. We will have some great interviews and people that have committed already is one of Australia’s leading photographers his story in some of the issue that he’s faced. A great mate of mine Dwaine he story is exceptional. Uh, he’s ability to help others is even better and he’s also a great mate, so we’ll have a great chat there, you know, and some of the people that we’re trying to get and try to get a handle on things and, and I ain’t gotta hold back and he’s gotta be a, hopefully some politicians.

That’ll be a focus on just purely on men’s mental health and men’s health in general. Cause there’s not enough funding for it and there’s not enough awareness of it. And you know, some sportspeople and all that will be as part of the interviews. So don’t forget to subscribe.

You can be subscribed through one of the avenues, every time a show comes in, you’ll be informed. If you download the Spreaker app, it’s spreaker.com once we get into live shows, you will be notified straight away when the light when we go live. So that’s, um, the fun part and that’s why I do use spreaker ever over anyone else because of the simplicity of the live shows and the ability for people to call in

just believe in yourself. there’s only one person or that you have to impress every day that you wake up and that’s your itself.

As long as you’re better than you were the day before that’s what it’s all about. To make the show, make sure that you jump on a Facebook page. The simplest way to get to the Facebook page is just searching for outofthecavecomau. So once again, thanks for listening to the show. I would appreciate it if you distribute it for us to your friends, family colleagues and community


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out of the cave

Welcome to Out Of The Cave

Hi, I’m Pete George! I suffer from depression and anxiety and wish to help other men and families that are fighting this fight. Let’s connect and WIN the battle.

Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely hard battle, believe me, I am still living it. What I have learnt is that there comes a time when some say something to you and you do break, don’t take the hard way out, make sure you talk to some. We have developed different areas to help you with as well as a list of resources if you choose to use them

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