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We all see Christmas as a period of connection and spending time with our family, this is not so in a lot of cases. The emergency workers on duty to keep us safe and well, the defence forces protecting our borders and the world safe, however, there is one category that does it really tough and that is fathers that will not have access to their children.

This is one of the periods that self-harm and suicide in men escalate further, we know that there are 8 suicides a day in Australia and 6 of them are men but there are no numbers kept over the holiday period. Speaking to a few guys that have contacted Out Of The Cave they are worried that not seeing their kids will have a huge effect on them mentally.

I don’t have children but I feel their pain just in the voices and eyes it is heartbreaking, some guys have brought this on themselves, I get that but it is the ones that haven’t that I worry about, seeing the kids the week before is no compensation for the smiles and joy of a child on Christmas day, the hugs, the kisses, the unreserved love is lost to the men that spend the Christmas at home alone, or with family and the nephews and nieces, it’s fun but it is not the same.

What I am asking for is all families in the situation this year is to click on this link for information from RUOK and download print it remember it, you need to ask the question not just on Christmas day but the days leading up to and after if you know they don’t have access to their kids, we also need to ask the same of the emergency workers and defence personal, RUOK is not one day it is every day and takes a commitment from you to ask the questions as it is the only family that knows the person, if their eyes don’t tell you the truth keep asking. You may break them but it is ok to be broken, the other option isn’t a great one.

So this Christmas if you see a defence person shake their hand and thank them, stop and thank an emergency worker and most importantly hug someone that is doing it tough mentally and physically.



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OOTC – Show – Who Is Peter George – 001


Peter George


Hi, and welcome to the first episode of out of the cave show, I am Peter George your host. And let’s have a bit of fun.

Hi and thanks for listening you can find out or the cave by visiting out of the cave.com also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can also find this show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spreaker and all the other shows stations.
So what is, Out Of The Cave and who is Peter George, well I am a mature guy, who suffers from anxiety and depression I’ve had a couple of attempts at suicide and in the process of that and coming through to be on the bitter side of things, I came up with the idea of out of the cave and consequently enter the cave and the show were we have one platform where I can get a group of people that have gone through the same thing as myself and help others that are in that situation where everything seems to be hard to do.

Nothing seems to be clear and you feel all alone. That’s when we want to stop that aloneness and the ability for people to talk to people that have suffered from mental health.
I do love the work that all the agencies are doing. Men’s line, Beyond Blue, Lifeline. I am a little bit uncomfortable with RUOK, but they’re all, they’re doing a good cause and a great cause.

This is just a simple fellow trying to put his stamp on mental health, especially in Australia where there are suicides, which are 75% of males age between 35 and 45.

So that’s where the cave is focusing. And the show’s going be a mix of, just may chatting, other guests, other hosts.

So it’s going to be a show that just expands and expands and the only way that I can keep the show expanding, with you, listeners and people that follow out of the cave helping me distribute it to all their friends.

So they will be a topic per show. And when we start getting the responses back in which we’ve already got a fair few, there will be interviews in shows as well. So they’ll vary between 10 and 45 minutes, and that’ll be distributed every Sunday at seven o’clock. Now chosen that time for a specific reason for all the dads out there that, um, have access to their kids or don’t have access to the kids. It seems to be that Sunday nights are the toughest four years. So this might give you something to listen to. And, uh, as the subscription base grows, uh, we’ll be doing some live shows too on a Sunday at that time. So, um, I got gotta enjoy this. Uh, it’s a bit of therapy for me as well, uh, as for you guys, um, but don’t just, uh, distribute it to a man, because to get you through this, it’s a team effort.

And in some cases, it’s your partner or close friends, and they could be male, female, or any form and description of a person. So, um, where can you find the show? I mentioned it earlier, but the actual website is out of the cave.com that there is a podcast page there, which is out of the cave.com/ podcast. You can also, um, find this on all the podcast platforms, um, and you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, YouTube. So everywhere that we can be, uh, my background other than, uh, having mental health problems and physical problems from playing AFL football and all those funny things that we do when we’re younger is, um, is a couple of things that, um, I have done over the time. I’ve worked for large corporations in sales, um, systems integration, uh, faults.

I worked for myself and that has mainly been in photography. And one of the things we will do with Out of the cave is, set up a little photography group one of the things I have found with mental health is that the photography sort of relaxed me down. It just allows me to go and reflect and use the passion that I do have. the main stuff that I do, with the photograph, is sports and, uh, travel photography. Um, and the other thing that I have found that’s helped me is, ah, that’s, I will, we’ll have a little bit of chat about that and all the different things that they’d all help you. But yeah, so as I said, my background is mainly sales and marketing and one of the things that I am committing to doing is a cert IV in mental health peer-to-peer so that I can actually sit down with you guys if you are on the gold coast, Brisbane sunshine coast and work with you to get the outcomes that you need.

So Out Of The Cave will eventually become an outcome-based website for you guys where that you can work out who you are, what you are, where you’ve been, uh, where you want to go to, um, where you all see that real doc site and think that um, it’s easier to, uh, there’s no other way to put it. Take your life. But as [inaudible], uh, there’s a lot of people that rely on you and you may not know it, you may not feel it, but there are, um, you know, work colleagues, partners, friends. Um, so there’s gotta be a few good topics coming up that might make sense to a lot of guys. And, um, there’s gotta be some issues that we touch that may frustrate you. So the beauty of what we’re doing, it’s gotta be interactive as much as it is, we can get it, ask questions, uh, give us topics to research.

The big thing with social media, which I don’t like, is that people become keyboard warriors and they’re Out Of The Cave is here to help. We all have our thoughts and opinions. You openly, we’ll take constructive criticism, you get abusive and, um, I won’t appreciate it and all the other participants. so roughly that’s what it’s all about. We will have some great interviews and people that have committed already is one of Australia’s leading photographers his story in some of the issue that he’s faced. A great mate of mine Dwaine he story is exceptional. Uh, he’s ability to help others is even better and he’s also a great mate, so we’ll have a great chat there, you know, and some of the people that we’re trying to get and try to get a handle on things and, and I ain’t gotta hold back and he’s gotta be a, hopefully some politicians.

That’ll be a focus on just purely on men’s mental health and men’s health in general. Cause there’s not enough funding for it and there’s not enough awareness of it. And you know, some sportspeople and all that will be as part of the interviews. So don’t forget to subscribe.

You can be subscribed through one of the avenues, every time a show comes in, you’ll be informed. If you download the Spreaker app, it’s spreaker.com once we get into live shows, you will be notified straight away when the light when we go live. So that’s, um, the fun part and that’s why I do use spreaker ever over anyone else because of the simplicity of the live shows and the ability for people to call in

just believe in yourself. there’s only one person or that you have to impress every day that you wake up and that’s your itself.

As long as you’re better than you were the day before that’s what it’s all about. To make the show, make sure that you jump on a Facebook page. The simplest way to get to the Facebook page is just searching for outofthecavecomau. So once again, thanks for listening to the show. I would appreciate it if you distribute it for us to your friends, family colleagues and community


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Out Of The Cave Show – Episode 000 https://outofthecave.com.au/out-of-the-cave-show-episode-000/ Mon, 30 Sep 2019 21:13:37 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=8795


Out Of The Cave Show


Hi and welcome to the introductory episode of Out Of The Cave show a weekly look at men’s health. Hi, I am Peter George the host. Out Of The Cave – Show is for guys with mental health issues to have a place that they can go every week to listen to advice and interviews.

Not only from professionals, but also from sufferers of mental health, which I am one the show will be, in most cases, 15 minutes unless we have an interview with a special guest that will end up being your 45 minutes.

You can subscribe to the show@outofthecave.com.au. You can subscribe to the podcast via the Spreaker app, Apple podcast, Spotify Spreaker itself, Google podcast. So let’s get men’s mental health into the forefront of people and hope you enjoy this show when they are released every Sunday at 7:00 PM

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Welcome to Out Of The Cave https://outofthecave.com.au/welcome-to-out-of-the-cave/ https://outofthecave.com.au/welcome-to-out-of-the-cave/#respond Fri, 27 Sep 2019 15:05:33 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=7786  

Welcome to Out Of The Cave


out of the cave


With men’s health being awareness and not a focus here at Out of The Cave we thought we might change that. We will be looking at all areas of men’s health and what is the correct image for men’s health. The other side of the show will be a lot of fun with a focus on a relaxed lifestyle.

We will endeavour to help you find ways to strive for the success of beating mental health, yes it can be beaten, I am well on my way.

Feel free to look through the site and subscribe so you can stay on top of all things mental health. We will be working closely with Beyond Blue.

We have a weekly podcast that you can follow on all podcasting platforms and as of September 2018 the last Sunday of the months we will be conducting a live show where you can ask questions about the issues around mental health.

To listen to the live show click here or download the spreaker app at iTunes or Google

If you feel that a group would benefit from a simple and honest approach to mental health I can certainly have a chat with your group or organisation to explore the signs and potential situations around mental health in the workplace, sporting group or other institution.

Our mantra at out of the cave is if we have helped one person we have done a small job but if we have helped many we will be more than grateful for having the opportunity to assist others in the same situation

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Sport And The Effect On Mental Health When You Stop https://outofthecave.com.au/sport-and-the-effect-on-mental/ https://outofthecave.com.au/sport-and-the-effect-on-mental/#respond Fri, 14 Jun 2019 22:14:53 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=8591 Sport and the effect on mental health when you stop




Sport doesn’t just have effects on the elite it has effects on amateur and semi-professional players here we look at sport in the community and the effects when you stop your sport.


When you look at the main age groups for men with depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies it is from the ages 25-54 according to the Bureau of Statistics Australia.

During this time there are many changes that happen, marriage, divorce, job loss, job changes and lifestyle changes, also illness and death become a part of someone’s life, not necessarily to the person themselves but the people around them.

One area I would like to look at is the lifestyle area and in particular sport. I know growing up I played Aussie rules and cricket until my mid to late ’20s and then again in my 40’s. What these two sports have in common is playing sport with a group of guys that become mates, which in turn gives you an outlet to lose your self in, with simple regular activities that in turn give you focus, fitness and a sense of belonging.

My depression was diagnosed in my late 40’s when I finally finished playing any sport, this is where I believe things change for men.

Between your 30’s and 40’s a lot happens marriage, children, divorce, loss of close friend and family and the end of sporting careers. When I moved to Queensland and started playing a sport I noticed a big difference from Victoria. In Victoria after playing, we would hang around the club have a beer a chat and depending on the sport stay for dinner. In Queensland, it is competing and go.

This issue is even greater for elite athlete’s as they have been in the limelight, in most cases been paid well for what they do then have nothing when their career ends, these days sports people are now encouraged to pursue studies or find part-time or casual work.  However, they still struggle adapting back to a normal way of life it is only a very very small group that continue in their chosen sport either as a coach or support staff or media.


So what does have to do with mental health you ask?


I now play darts a great game that allows you to participate in sport again, allows you to play a sport with injuries and a lack of fitness and is played indoors so it is rare that a match gets cancelled.

I represented the club for the first time and it was a match against another club, there we 16 a side and we played as teams of 4 we had a loss but how much fun was it playing a team sport again, having that feeling that your actions count towards something, the possibility of throwing a winning dart to get your team over the line, it was there, it was real again.

Driving home I thought to myself this has been the missing part for many years, the little thing that gets the spark happening again, the feeling of wanting to do this every week, compete and be around like-minded guys having a fun day.

Mentally this has been the best period for years and now enhanced representing the club. The best part and you should push yourself to do it again is to start again, just like wanting to start a podcast or youtube channel, you have to start!

Find a sport that you can play again that has a team element like dart’s, lawn bowls, ten pin bowling it will give you the sense of belonging again and get you committed to something that you have not done in a long time, yes  there will be times that you don’t want to go, you will pull out that week, but that’s ok those times will get less.

You will in time open up to people and start talking about you and your health, believe me, there are a lot of people in a similar or worse situation and they will help you as well, to get over the hurdles and get your self-belief back.

This link is to a survey about you and your sport that you played. It will only take a few seconds to complete.

Complete the survey here


Thank you in advance

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5 Signs Of Depression https://outofthecave.com.au/5-signs-of-depression/ https://outofthecave.com.au/5-signs-of-depression/#respond Tue, 14 May 2019 13:40:02 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=8217 5 Signs Of Depression





The key to understanding depression and anxiety is to understand the symptoms or the signs that are common, but you may not know and may have been wondering what is wrong with you, I know I did, in this article we cover the 5 most common things to look for in yourself, friend or family member.




Big Change in your mood, Believe me, it happens, I never noticed it but my wife and work colleagues did and everyone was too scared to mention it or tell me that I had changed.

If you see yourself doing any of the following go see your Doctor they have the tools to assist you in getting on the road to recovery.

  • You snap real easy, more so than normal
  • Everything turns into an argument even at work
  • Your tolerance levels drop.

They are the main three that got pointed out when I finally got help and let everyone know that I do suffer from depression.

The more you let these three fester the more you become reclusive, withdrawn and move to other means of finding relief, which will become more detrimental to you, your health and recovery.

The other relief methods move towards drugs and alcohol, the biggest hurdles of depression.






Alcohol and Drugs seem to be a comfort when suffering from depression, but it can’t be further from the truth.

Many people with depression or anxiety use drugs and alcohol to try and cope. It is very common, for men, in particular, to try to mask or block out the symptoms of depression or anxiety by using alcohol or other drugs, which only makes the symptoms worse.






Weight gain and loss are quintessential to any illness issue and depression is not immune to this, I think this comes once you have been diagnosed and are put on medication, the results are weight issues on most fronts with these. Keep an eye on your weight either way as this can play on your self-esteem, in the battle you need everything being positive around you.






Exhaustion became a major concern once again with medication, but it is also a safe place to hide from what and how you are feeling. Feelings from what is wrong with me to who is talking about me, the anxiety of someone finding out that I have a mental health issue is all hidden in sleep, that place of security, as is the same with drugs and alcohol.


With depression and anxiety, you will feel all alone at first but when you find the courage to face it it can be a life-changing fight to win.  Taking the time with getting medical intervention and assistance, the lack of fear to talk about it gives you the belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Here at Out Of The Cave, we endeavour to give you a place of hope, somewhere where you can ask the questions and strive to live your life again.



Mind Quiz at Beyond Blue

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One Mans Words Exposed https://outofthecave.com.au/one-mans-words/ https://outofthecave.com.au/one-mans-words/#respond Tue, 30 Apr 2019 10:56:37 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=8411

One Mans Words


one mans words



Here is his story.


I have failed on so many occasions, as a boyfriend, brother, friend, a son, a father and previously as a husband.

As a man in this current crazy world, I never seem to say or do the right things.

I don’t have the fit muscular body I may once have had ,but what I have seems to of worked for me at this time of my life until my injury…where I herniated the L3-L4 which at one stage desperately required a lumbar discectomy…to only be sent home and have it drag on and on . Prescription medication numbing the pain and mind. Having me so out of it on a cocktail of pain meds that had me ready to take my own life.

I’m one of the ugliest blokes in the world, I accept that, but for me, I have been happy ENOUGH! And I am proud that I am ME. No bullshit me.

I have scars on me that reflect my past… I have ink to commemorate those I have lost and those I love most.

Most of the time I put up the “I’m strong” .(someone once taught me ..Fake it til ya make it) I submerge myself into making everyone’s world better than mine….maybe I see it as if I can help that 1 person to have a better life than I have had … I don’t think that’s a bad quality!

I have grown from things that should have broken me. Severe assault…possible HIV, hep c wait after it…on more than 1 occasion. Maybe PTSD is real, yet men don’t talk about it.

I’ve witnessed things that people should never have to see…fatalities in and around me. near misses …close call with 5 kids on a bridge doing 100k and still clipping the boys feet …I’ve been thru seeing death up close at a number of occasions, involved in, first on-site …missing a car inside boom gates by less than a metre …I’ve been through it and some.. at fatalities more than once including my own.

A small number of people I believe may actually love me, some like me, more than likely you are in the 98% that most likely hate me.

I am loyal and give u my all… I will be there for u .when you think no one else is… yet still id rather see you smile then u see thru to my pain, my tears, my lost soul

I think I have tried to do plenty of good in my life…I’ve given to charities …

I’ve stopped and helped others laying beside a road or where ever I can including when I was separated and living on can food gave my last 10 bucks to a homeless man…because he was doing it tougher than me.

I’ve spent time giving back to the community…volunteering as a JP, on committee’s, in the belief one day life will appreciate and accept what I have to offer.

I have done things, I’m not proud of and at times I have treated people poorly, this I truly regret.

The way I have made them feel. (If you are one of those people… I sincerely apologize)

I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I am who I am, maybe it’s true and I am unlovable. Been told that for 3/4 of my life

Maybe I bare the scares from my childhood … sexually abused, foster homes, church emergency accommodation..demons then demons now.

However, if I love you or even say to u I love u, I give to you with all my heart!❤ I offer you all of me and I fall completely.

I make no apologies for WHO I am.

At the end of the day, when my calling comes, I pray and ask the Lord have I done enough.? Am I good enough and have I attempted to make peace with those I have hurt…have let down ..treated poorly…to receive forgiveness from the lord almighty?

I’m not perfect and never have pretended to be, my intentions have always been honest and with only the best intentions and to give my all…the very best I have.

My heart is pure and I love hard with all I’ve got…this though means that I fall harder and the heartbreak takes longer to heal every time.

I have failed at relationships, parenting, mateship…someone use to remind me every day when we were together ” your nothing but housing commission scum”..14 years I heard that!

I guess at the end of the day, I have truly lived up to those expectations.

Yet we wonder why men’s suicide rate is so high!!!

It was truly heartbreaking and forever hurtful ..as I have worked every single day of my life to provide for my children …at times 2 jobs the railway then straight to the bottleshop working 16 hour days up to 3 times a week …even to this very day I pay near $600 a fortnight child support.

PLEASE don’t ever accuse me of shirking my responsibility to pay my way…

Mrs X has remarried and had another child in her 40’s to a fella in his 50’s so this which I didn’t expect doubles, my child, support. As she is able to say nil income ..even though their net worth is 3.5 million

Through her control and manipulation, it continues to let her win again…especially considering on my first Xmas without my children 04/05 I had to work…on that day I was a transit officer … there were many cancelled train services and I was deployed to EJ …

Old mate had flown in as a FIFO…he was tired …he wanted to see his kids …he pulled from his duffle bag a knife … I said to mate if I could drive a train id luv to make ya day …he was compliant and relaxed and was happy to put the knife away…unfortunately it made me late to the agreed time of picking up my children at 3…( had to do police statements) Eventually I arrived around 4 pm to her saying I had now needed to have them home at 530 as they had dinner plans… I got 1.5 hours on Xmas day… I didn’t want an argument so I complied dropped em home and went home. Upon arrival, my phone was ringing it was the ex to abuse me for my choices of presents I gave each child… I had spent $120 for the 3 each as I was doing it tough. I asked to speak to me and was refused I drove around to talk

Standing at open but locked screen door in the distance I could hear sirens. Approaching quickly when I realised they were in the driveway and the young female constable had her gun drawn and her sights were firmly set on me…

Yep, a knife and a gun pulled on the very same Xmas day on me…

Yet we wonder why men’s suicide rate is so high!!!

Yet still, I can’t see my boy ….talk to him…that’s what leaves you with such a shattered and a broken heart …and as for child support.

Our legal system sits and watches these malicious women cause this damage.

I haven’t seen or spoken to my beautiful daughter since she was 16 ..nor have I ever been invited to share her 18th her 21st …to watch her grow …and then in 2017 my oldest and I plan an overseas trip…which I’m happy to pay for …(except his spending money)… then out of blue …he doesn’t message wont reply wont answer phone calls …again I’m lost ……yet still he visits his mother …(money chain wins)

Yet we wonder why men’s suicide rate is so high!!!!

Damn even my yr 12 school adviser told me I was headed for either …jail or the unemployment line ..when I finished school…

At least I never disappointed her…all be it I kept the monsters locked up at night …

The world is dark…sitting another new years eve home alone with nothing but pain and thoughts of joining the dark side ….yearning for eternal peace …another year of battling the demons.

I watched a story, once on a young footballer who took his own life …his mum saying at the time she was angry with him…but then i quote her she said
” suicide is not selfish, who are we to judge …when we ourselves have never felt that low”

When everyday u wake to fight the same demons you fought all day and that left you sleepless and so tired the night before!

Yet we wonder why men’s suicide rate is so high!!!!

This is just an extract of what is my story …

One day when I’m gone it will come to light …the most abusive manipulative person who tortured me every minute is the true domestic violence that occurs yet never is seen

Or maybe it stays here in the dark with me…

All the friends and family that message and offer support I thank each of you….it does for those few valuable seconds help and make you believe that it will all get better and it will go away…

Its the time though, when your days and nights are all alone when you have no visitors …u have no purpose …u question on the nights u lay awake what demons will come tomorrow…

And you slowly day by day, get more and wearier and you lose the strength or even the will to continue to fight the demons..

That’s when you know … you’re at the point closing in on you …where you just can’t do it anymore and you plan for eternity.

But you wake the next morning and take a deep breath.

Ready to put on the best acting of my life, smiling and joking with workmates, as for here, you gain some respite from the demons the darkness and you hold your secrets in.

Til the day…the demons come and take me away…I am not afraid of that day.


Powerful I know here is another article that may help you as well or read other information at Movember, it’s not just about Mo

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Unseen Anxiety At A Sports Level https://outofthecave.com.au/anxiety-at-a-sports-level/ https://outofthecave.com.au/anxiety-at-a-sports-level/#respond Thu, 21 Mar 2019 06:04:55 +0000 https://outofthecave.com.au/?p=8261  





This week in the AFL Jesse Hogan was stood down to play by Freemantle for turning up to training in a state that didn’t allow him to train. That was all good and well until they mentioned he had Clinical Anxiety. This is where it all got ugly for Jesse.

Yes, he is an AFL player that is paid well and should know better, I am not denying that what I have problems with is the AFL media, especially the two shows I watched AFL 360 and On the Couch. There were 7 people altogether on the show, there were three that I had real trouble with

Gillon McLachlan – CEO of the AFL

Mark Robinson – AFL 360, Chief Football writer Herald Sun

Garry Lyon – On the couch and commentator and former player.

Gill didn’t want anything to do with it, he was very awkward talking about on AFL 360 and was trying to dismiss the mental health issues and problems in the AFL.

Mark, he didn’t believe that he could use the mental health card and that his decisions were inappropriate for an elite athlete

Garry who has had his own mental health issues wanted to dismiss even to the point he gestured to sweep it under the carpet.

So what brought to writing this article, frustration that people think, and this was evident not only on these shows but social media as well that elite athletes have to behave differently from the wider world and should not have the same problems.

“A mental health disorder characterised by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities”.

Clinical anxiety is a serious problem, that not only can render you inoperable but turning to ways to get over the anxiety and some of these are drugs and alcohol.

I don’t know the full extent of Jesse’s illness but I will have a look at a couple of things that the media won’t talk about because it is too hard for them.

Freemantle’s Peter Bell mentioned that his anxiety caused him to make bad decisions, yes drinking one week out from the opening round of your job when there are strict rules, wasn’t a good one, but this could be his coping mechanism, which would need to be addressed.

Alcohol is a staple in the Australian culture and can be used to break down anxiety in and around groups. If the person with anxiety is on medication to help with the illness then there is a real problem, one of these is exacerbated the effect of drugs and alcohol.

From my experience with medication, this is so true to the point where you can’t drink at all, I would be ok for a while but then blackout and this was only after a couple of drinks, so in Jesse’s case, this could explain the way he was in the video.

I know that the media have to write about current events in the AFL, but the path these two programs went down with this situation was appalling, the anger shown by some and the inability to address the mental health issue.

Jesse has been through a lot, testicular cancer, in May 2017 just a month after his father passed away from cancer. Events like this would affect anyone, never mind a young man with high expectations on him.

The issue isn’t about that he has let down the football club, that Freemantle has made another bad player decision, have you ever thought that these guys are going back home to the west, not just to play football but for help and comfort in a familiar environment.

These situations are across all elite sports, I am not saying don’t report or have thoughts of what has happened, just pull back and think about it and your criticism will have on the individual because giving them a whack in the media won’t help in these situations.

The hard part for all players in the AFL now with mental health problems is the few according to Gil McLachlan, that are using this to avoid drug testing, there will always be the question asked.

It’s not about pointing out the few it is about helping the many.

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Learnt Behaviors Of Boys That Become Men


Learnt Behaviors Of Boys That Become Men, I never thought that I would ever understand this concept but now I do. It all came about thinking one day and reflecting on my life as you do as part of breaking through the mental health barriers, then it dawned on me
Me as Nipper



There are a few people that helped me get this understanding that now reflects on some of my behaviours.

As children, adolescents and early adults we are influenced by the men around us and this is commonly our Fathers, Uncles and close family members. The behaviours that we see tend to be what we accept as normal and overtime we produce these same behaviours. The behaviours can include alcohol, drug abuse, violence and crime. Here are a couple of examples from my childhood.


My Father 3 months before he passed away


Once on vacation, my Mum and her friend and kids went back home and the boys stayed back, there we some young girls, over 18, I had no idea of ages because I was only in my early teens, but my Father and mates slept with these girls, as I grew up I thought it was ok to sleep with other girls when going steady with a girl, wrong, but a learnt habit, soon woke up to that one. My father’s way of settling anything was fitting, the same here, it took me until my 30’s to learn that was a wrong approach.

A close friends father was and alcohol, drug abuser and a womaniser and the same traits rubbed off and it took him many years to learn otherwise.

As men, we have a belief that we need some of these traits to live and be accepted as a man well guess what guys we don’t, a kind heart and honesty never killed a person, that I know of.

If you have a son or daughter, yes they are a little smarter than boy’s, just remember what you do they will see and at some point if seen often enough accept that as the norm. I am not saying we can’t be angry or frustrated at times but it is the actions that we take in these moments that will have other people judging our character, the hero is the person that walks away from the fight.

My wife and I are lucky with having each other’s back without question and it has been Jane that has calmed me down.


The other person that has my back Don Lachance, can’t ask for a better mate.


Understanding that my father, and yours, aren’t always right. Once we understand that we can start making our own judgements and not require acceptance from them.

Most footballers I know that have king hit someone on the field years later feel remorse and regret their actions but accept it as part of the game when it happens.

Society today has changed as men we need to understand that, I am not saying don’t be you as a person, but as a reactor to situations, understand what is and isn’t acceptable.

We have campaigned against violence towards women, harsher penalties for people that king hit others at pubs and nightclubs, responsible behaviour around children and alcohol.

As adults, it is us that teach the learnt habits, just remember it is easier to teach great and acceptable habits over unlearning bad ones. When you are reading this take this moment to reflect it may take a while but think of all the habits the men around you had and write down their habits then see how many you match, you will be shocked, you may not have them now but look back as a child, adolescent and early adult

We must act in a way that is socially acceptable but not loses the values as we are as a person.

As we reflect back, we may understand some of the clouds that linger over us.


The man that taught me maths at the race track my Grandfather
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Fear – This is the excerpt from the video


Yeah, hi folks. Welcome to George Media and me, Peter George. Today’s an interesting one in the sense that I just hope I can touch someone. Because talking to a great friend of mine, you’ll hear me talk about him all the time, is Don Lachance. He and I have known each other for nearly a decade now. He’s a mentor. He’s a confidante. He’s inspiring. He’s just an all-around great bloke. And last night we were talking at about midnight, because Don’s in Canada, and he said, “What’s your fear about doing videos?” And I said, “Well, have a look at me, Don. “It’s not a real pretty face.” I suffer from extreme eczema, atopic dermatitis. I’ve had that since I was six months old. That comes and goes. And as you can see from my face, it’s not too good at the moment; I was in a hospital with it during the week. But there are people out there that fear to do videos because maybe how they look, how they perceive themselves, how, you know, they’re not ready to start because, you know, they haven’t got the hair right or wearing their right makeup or haven’t had a shave, or … or, there’s a hell of a lot of reasons.

There are a few people that I turn to, other than Don, for motivation. One of them’s Steve Harvey, and the other one is Gary Vaynerchuk, or @GaryVee as his call name is.

With Steve Harvey, the connection there, yeah he’s a funny man on Family Feud, but some of the messages that he’s put out there in the marketplace are inspirational at its best. He’s got a video out there– and I don’t know if people will see it, but I’ll put it up on petergeorgemedia.com website– it’s called Jump, and it’s for anyone that is afraid. And I was afraid to do this video until Don and I had a chat. And what his Jump message is, is that we’ve all been given a specific gift. And as entrepreneurs, we’ve been given a gift where we want to be the best we can as people, regardless of how we look, how we are. It’s about diving deep inside of you; sharing your knowledge, being the best you can, and being, and it’s a phrase that’s been thrown around forever: uniquely you. And this is uniquely me. You know, cuts, bruises, scabs, skin falling off; this is me. And I’m not afraid now to get online, to do the things I want to do. So, thank Steve Harvey for the Jump video and yep, I’m going to open the parachute, take the nicks and cuts. Not looking for any “ah that’s sad,” but this is me, this is who I am.

The other one’s Gary Vaynerchuk, now he’s inspired me business-wise. I have a series of skill sets which is wrapped around photography, technology, and travel. Some great people that I am still in contact with now, Peter Layton, Ellison McDowell, I’ve worked with them in the RACV, in travel, and they taught me a lot. Funnily enough, still principles that I use today. And yes Peter Laydon, if you get to see this video, one of them is having a froffy every now and again. But from a business point of view, this is the median video. Like it or not, like how you look, like how you speak, like how you perceive yourself, not how others perceive you.

If you’re genuine and honest about who you are and jump in, then I believe you’ll be successful in business. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t tell people what they want to hear. Be you. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re trying to make a business succeed. And you know, you hear things about, “are you a multilevel marketer,” “you’re a pyramid scheme person”– No, you’ve got a product that you want to sell in a different vein, and that vein now, is the internet. And if people don’t get on it, as Gary Vaynerchuk says, you know, things like television is the modern day radio, so this is the string that we have to do. We have to overcome our fears of being in front of a camera, no matter how we look or feel.


Happy handsome man showing ok sign. Isolated over red background.

So, I just hope that someone out there now can take the jump. Zoom me, PM me, do whatever if you’re still scared about doing it, and I’ll try to help you with it. You know, it’s taken me a long time to do this. To accept me, who I am, and what I look like. The being overweight and stuff like that, that’s things I can control, but the external thing that I can’t control is my eczema. So, let’s go on a journey together. Let’s face, as I’ve called this, let’s face your fears and do it anyway.

It’s one of the things that I’m now going to live by. I’ve got a heap of videos that I’ve got to do for photographers, so photographers who are watching this, I’m putting together a series of videos of how to streamline your business. Over the 15 years that I’ve been a photographer, I’ve learned all the tips and tricks, and I’ll give you options. With the things that I think are important, I’ll give you some links to jump, some of the Gary Vee stuff, some of his books are excellent. I listen to his audible books. So, be, as everybody says now, your authentic self. And your authentic self is overcoming your fears. Whether that be how you talk, how you look, how you feel … You know, do it in baby steps if you have to.

If you don’t want to get into video, do podcasting. You know, that’s a great medium for people that are scared to go on video. It gets your voice out there and it gets you recognised. But I knew that I had to do a video for what I want to do. So, here’s my fear, I’ve jumped another one. The other live video I did was walking across a dam wall, and I’ve done it again and I’m not scared of them anymore. I know that I won’t fall off of them and I won’t collapse, I hope. But I just hope that someone out there will take the leap.

To jump off that cliff, to take the licks. Not for business-wise, but for personal-wise, to accept yourself, who you are, for what you are. And let people judge. You know, people are going to walk away, people are going to say things. Stuff ’em, you know? You only want to talk to the people that care about you, and in business, I’ve learnt that, and that’s one of the things that Peter Laydon taught me.

People will respect you for who you are, not what you want to be, or think you should be. And that’s the big one, “think you should be.” You are you, and your success will be coming from you. I know I’ve rambled on a bit. I hope a lot of it makes sense to some people. I hope if, you know, people don’t like it, you don’t like it; it’s not my problem. I’m going to be as honest as I can be from here on in, to myself and to my darling wife Jane, my little pillar. And, yeah, let’s all step forward, let’s all have a bit of fun, you know. We’re self-employed entrepreneurs that are prepared to take the risk that 99.9% of the other population don’t. Just remember they’re in the scam, we’re not. We’re honest business people. So, hope you enjoyed this little video. I’ve tried to keep it under 10 minutes, which I’m just about to do.

Jump on www.petergeorgemedia.com and that’ll get you the Steve Harvey videos, some good references to Gary Vaynerchuk, and a couple of other ones that I’m working through now, which is 100 Days Self-Connection Experience. I’ll put some of those up because they’re business-related, and if you’ve got any fears you’ve got to overcome them. So, this I think’s going to be my slogan from here on in: face your fears and do it anyway. Because no one’s going to do it for you. Only you. So, thanks for listening if you’ve listened. If you watch this video, later on, I’ve got to cut it with a few other things in it, but yeah, this chest now is released. I’ll probably annoy the crap out of everybody now that I’m not so scared to watch these. And do videos, and to be who I want to be, not just for me, but for Jane as well. You know, we’re in our fifties, and I want to make a success of the last 40 years that we’re going to be on this planet. So, all right thanks, wrapping it up.

Have a great day, and just remember: face your fears and do it anyway.


Out Of The Cave

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