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Peter George

Hi, I’m Pete George! I suffer from depression and anxiety and wish to help other men and families that are fighting this fight. Let’s connect and WIN the battle.

Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely hard battle, believe me, I am still living it. What I have learnt is that there comes a time when some say something to you and you do break, don’t take the hard way out, make sure you talk to some. We have developed different areas to help you with as well as a list of resources if you choose to use them

With men’s health being awareness and not a focus here at Out of The Cave we thought we might change that. We will be looking at all areas of men’s health and what is the correct image for men’s health. The other side of the show will be a lot of fun with a focus on a relaxed lifestyle.

We will endeavour to help you find ways to strive for the success of beating mental health, yes it can be beaten, I am well on my way.

Feel free to look through the site and subscribe so you can stay on top of all things mental health. We will be working closely with Beyond Blue.

We have a weekly podcast that you can follow on all podcasting platforms and as of September 2018 the last Sunday of the months we will be conducting a live show where you can ask questions about the issues around mental health.
To listen to the live show click here

If you feel that a group would benefit from a simple and honest approach to mental health I can certainly have a chat with your group or organisation to explore the signs and potential situations around mental health in the workplace, sporting group or other institution.

Our mantra at out of the cave is if we have helped one person we have done a small job but if we have helped many we will be more than grateful for having the opportunity to assist others in the same situation

our endeavour

Luke The Caveman

Out of the Cave is all about men’s health and mainly mental health. Males have the highest suicide rates in the world and we hope that we can help some people along the way. Men have been conditioned not to cry, be strong and don’t let any weakness show, so this is where the name has been derived from we aren’t cavemen anymore, we aren’t the hairy hunters we once were.

Out of the Cave is here to help men with Depression, Anxiety and in the worst case scenario suicidal tendencies. I believe it is hard for people to understand and as a sufferer myself I can assist more than most people to understand what is going on inside. This page is not just for men to have a safe place to read articles and chat but it is for the families and friends to ask questions as well.


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