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I’M Peter George, Founder of out of the cave

I still suffer from depression and anxiety, I have also had moments were suicide look the best option. Talking to my Doctor, psychologist and my wife I have made it to the better side of the options. I have no formal training in other than being a sufferer and no what sign and triggers are they are not that easy to pick.

Out of the Cave is here to help men with Depression, Anxiety and in the worst case scenario suicidal tendencies. I believe it is hard for people to understand and as a sufferer myself I can assist more than most people to understand what is going on inside. This page is not just for men to have a safe place to read articles and chat but it is for the families and friends to ask questions as well.

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Unseen Anxiety At A Sports Level

Unseen Anxiety At A Sports Level

Anxiety is a tough thing to have never mind if you play elite sport, this is what Jesse Hogan faces at the moment.
Welcome to Out Of The Cave

Welcome to Out Of The Cave

Hi, I’m Pete George! I suffer from depression and anxiety and wish to help other men and families that are fighting this fight. Let’s connect and WIN the battle. Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely hard battle, believe me, I am still living it. What I have learnt…
Learnt behaviors of boys that become men.

Learnt behaviors of boys that become men.

I never thought that I would ever understand this concept but now I do. It all came about thinking one day and reflecting on my life as you do as part of breaking through the mental health barriers, then it dawned on me
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