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I’M Peter George, Founder of out of the cave

I still suffer from depression and anxiety, I have also had moments were suicide look the best option. Talking to my Doctor, psychologist and my wife I have made it to the better side of the options. I have no formal training other than being a sufferer and no what sign and triggers are and the ones that are not that easy to pick.

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Peter George

5 Signs Of Depression

5 Signs of Depression as the saying goes if you don’t know you don’t know, that is a lot of the trouble with men identifying that they have depression or symptoms of depression.

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One Mans Words Exposed

One Mans Words is what I received from a person that I have met and he found the power to pen his message and share it with me. His words are too common these days and as I move forward with Out of the Cave I hope these types of post inspire to act by writing down their frustrations and sharing as this gentleman has done.

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