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You may not have “depression” or a formal diagnosis, but you know that the life you are living is not the life you want. Maybe not everything is bad, but you know things could be better. 

The affects of mental health is never more evident than in today's world. The impact can be seen in four areas. These are Individuals, Sports Clubs, Business and Community.


Need someone to talk urgently or just need an ear we can help you find the best of both worlds. Don’t know how to talk to your family about how you feel, we have and we will help you get through that barrier.


We help sports clubs understand depression and anxiety from a sufferers point of view. We can talk to your club about this and the importance that clubs have in the roll of mental health and the ability to assist.

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We help businesses understand the effects of mental health in the workplace not just for the sufferers, but for the business as well if it is not managed correctly the cost. We can arrange to come to community groups to talk through not only my experience but how to help others.

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What is Out Of The Cave?

In it’s simple terms it is a place for blokes to find out that they are ok, that it is ok to cry and show your feelings.

Hi, I'm Pete George! I suffer from depression and anxiety and wish to help other men and families that are fighting this fight. Let's connect and WIN the battle.

Suffering from mental health issues is an extremely hard battle, believe me, I am still living it. What I have learnt is that there comes a time when some say something to you and you do break, don’t take the hard way out, make sure you talk to some. We have developed different areas to help you with as well as a list of resources if you choose to use them.

With men’s health being awareness and not a focus here at Out of The Cave we thought we might change that. We will be looking at all areas of men’s health and what is the correct image for men’s health. 

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